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Holy crap!!!!!

Hey there!

This is like totally awsome! I mean really! i love the paranormal (sp?) and have always wanted to get a good camra and go see if i can get some pics that have like shadowy figures in the pic or if i could just get some creepy pics in general. any whoo... aw man i forgot to introduce myself... lol...

*starting over*

hello my name is Venessa and i'm origanlly from Kansas City Kansas, and have reloacated to Coffeyville Kansas for college. I love telling ghost stories and hearing them and would love to explore haunted sites.

Sour Castle:
Supposdely haunted by a guy that was either killed or killed himself in the house... blocked off i think... but is located in Shawnee Kansas.

From stories i've heard it isn't haunted by just one man, it is supposed to be haunted by the man, a baby, a woman, two kids, and several slaves from back in the day. but it's hard to separate fact from fiction.
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